April 21, 2014

Stephen, David, and baby Amell make superhero stank faces on the set of Arrow

(Source: team-olicity, via team-arrow)

April 20, 2014

fanart: Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew holding hands and touching noses. A small heart appears between them.


u fit just right right next 2 me

April 19, 2014

Lucy Liu rocks a fab grey and black print minidress in 2.20, No Lack of Void


Christian Pellizzari

Tree print dress, available at Farfetch.

Hard to find a dress similar to this, but what you say to get something similar with a printed palms tee (1,2 ) and a skirt with pockets (1, 2 )?  : ) I hope you like them

April 18, 2014


Racebent MarvelSpider-Woman and Captain Marvel

April 17, 2014


[Image: A tweet from @MarkRuffalo: “@RobertDowneyJr Hello Robert! Welcome to this strange new world. See you on set in a few days.” Below, a drawing of Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr shaking hands. Mark: “Hello Robert! Welcome to this strange new world.” Robert: “Please be gentle … it’s my first time.”]


(XI can’t .. O<—<