August 1, 2014

Black lace dresses, nude makeup, and black cat’s eye eyeliner.

Kate King, Anais Mali and Ginta Lapina by Simon Upton for Marie Claire UK August 2014

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August 1, 2014

Faiza is incredibly embarrassed by the way she turns into a burbling fangirl whenever she meets one of her favorite Heroes for the first time.  Her team mates are supposed to stop her when she starts word vomiting but they all think it’s so cute that they just leave her to babble. Afterwards she always tells them that they”re lousy team mates and lousy human beings and did she actually tell Thor he had really pretty hair or was that just a horrible hallucination? No? She said that. Excuse her, she just needs to go cry on Tumblr for the next ten years.

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August 1, 2014

fanart: chibi Avengers team (movie lineup) in action poses, weapons ready and serious buttkicking expressions on their tiny chibi faces.



July 31, 2014

in gold evening gown and cornrows on the beach.


Daniela Braga by Michael Donovan

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July 31, 2014

fanart: bb!Bucktasha, holding hands and smiling shyly at each other.



Art Commission by the amazing Starfleetbabe

It was a blast! Thank you!