April 19, 2014

Lucy Liu rocks a fab grey and black print minidress in 2.20, No Lack of Void


Christian Pellizzari

Tree print dress, available at Farfetch.

Hard to find a dress similar to this, but what you say to get something similar with a printed palms tee (1,2 ) and a skirt with pockets (1, 2 )?  : ) I hope you like them

April 18, 2014


Racebent MarvelSpider-Woman and Captain Marvel

April 17, 2014


[Image: A tweet from @MarkRuffalo: “@RobertDowneyJr Hello Robert! Welcome to this strange new world. See you on set in a few days.” Below, a drawing of Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr shaking hands. Mark: “Hello Robert! Welcome to this strange new world.” Robert: “Please be gentle … it’s my first time.”]


(XI can’t .. O<—< 

April 16, 2014


Stephen and Mavi on set of the Arrow season 2 finale (x)

(via queens-consolidated)

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April 15, 2014

In the wake of just having been massively spoiled for Captain America: The Winter Soldier on my usually safe tumblr dashboard, this is your biannual reminder that I do not go to the movies. In fact, this is your biannual reminder that movie theatres are super inaccessible places. They don’t have subtitles, they don’t have descriptive audio, they don’t have babysitting services. The films shown are loud, they’re bright and flashy, and they’re longer than everyone can necessarily deal with, physically or cognitively, in one sitting. Basically they are a little bit terrible and if I could change one thing about fandom it would be the thing where, if a movie has been out for two weeks then *obviously* everyone has seen it.

At the movie fandom community I run, spoiler rules are effective until the film comes out on dvd. Which I can do, because I run it, though it didn’t work flawlessly last release. Failing that, I appreciate people and comms just announcing that they don’t give a shit about my spoiler issues so I can avoid them for a bit. So really, just let me know, please.

ps tumblr savior doesn’t work on my end if you don’t actually tag your posts.

Not sure how I ended up in so many movie fandoms tbh.

If anyone needs me I’ll be over here, working on the epic ballad of lady!Hawkeye. I guess I need a beta, if anyone’s into that. Also eyeing mcu-aufest (@livejournal) as if I don’t have a spoiler problem and abo-bigbang (@livejournal or dreamwidth; more content on lj) as if I don’t have a finishing things problem. And probably mostly avoiding tumblr, sorry. And waiting to be able to watch Cap 2 from a place I am not likely to pass out in. xoxo

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